Do you regret the error?

By David Cohn on November 12, 2010 0 Comments Ideas





David Cohn, 2010-2011 FellowDavid Cohn, 2010-2011 Fellow


Few things in life are as certain as death and taxes. One thing that is also guaranteed, there will be errors in journalism. Nobody is perfect. The future of journalism won't be error free, but it will have a different attitude to how corrections are caught, fixed and dealt with. Some of those changes we have already observed, newspapers popularized the strikethrough, blogs popularized the strikethrough, but the changes are ongoing

Nobody has given more thought to the future of errors than Craig Silverman. He literally wrote the book on errors.

What is the future of correcting errors? What barriers does the journalism community have to get to that future? Craig gives us his vision.

See video

(Wait for the Shazam at the end of the video).

David Cohn is a 2010-2011 Reynolds Fellow working on a project called "Community-Funded Reporting." Read David's findings, other blogposts, and talk back at cohnd AT and @digidave on Twitter.

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