iPhone snoozes ... so does the press

By Clyde Bentley on January 2, 2011 0 Comments Experiments

Clyde Bentley, 2009-2010 Fellow

I woke up at 6:10 this morning.  That's bad enough for a Sunday, but worse still because the two iPhones in my house were set for 6 a.m. 

We double-alarmed last night because my wife had to catch a morning flight.  Thankfully, a noise woke Cecile in time to hop in the shower while I cursed my phone, reset it as a test and cursed it again.

A quick check of the Web produced a handful of stories about the bug that killed many iPhone alarms Jan. 1 and 2.  But oddly, there was nothing from AP, CNN or other U.S. sources.  Everything was from the UK or Australia, where people were already stumbling into church without their cup of coffee.

Everything, that is, except the tech press.  Engadget issued a warning Friday and Gizmondo pre-spread the alarm Saturday.  There must have been some hellacious New Year's parties out there if no American reporters checked their RSS feeds over the weekend (er... guilty as charged).

With mobile phones becoming ever more critical to modern life, perhaps the most important alarm the bug raised is that the traditional news establishment needs to keep a better eye on the tech world.  This is a taste of what it will be like if the news industry sleeps past the looming 2013 mobile takeover deadline.

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