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By Brian Steffens on March 4, 2011 0 Comments Ideas Experiments

Brian Steffens, Director of Communications, RJIBrian Steffens, Director of Communications

What’s next for AOL? Scooping up hyper-local blog aggregator Outside.in

Can Kachingle change or create behavior?

Borrell’s Mobitrove offers free mobile marketing data

A new look at navigation bars

The rise and fall of TBD

TBD: not everyone agrees

Ad pages are not the only answers

Borrell EVP says local online advertising to surpass newspapers by 2015

Is Facebook the answer for commenting on news websites?

Selling ads elsewhere could benefit newspapers

How to make money in local mobile

MSNBC pushes web design envelope

AOL debuts news in real-time

Four things TBD did right

A cautionary discussion on a mobile-first strategy

OneMinuteNews.com delivers bite size news to Gen Y

Texas Tribune uses databases to drive traffic

Placement, not just keywords, still a valuable indicator: don’t neglect Page One

Sponsorship essential for web video success

On top of everything else, newspapers lack visual pizzazz

IAB picks six winning online ad formats

Cincinnati Enquirer teams up with DoubleDutch to take on Foursquare

Advertising groups seek digital metrics standards

HTML5 adoption gaining ground

Google’s Schmidt says mobile growing faster than predicted

LIke AOL’s Patch, Google putting sales feet on the street to pursue local advertising

What’s your position in your market? It may surprise you

Denver’s integrated advertising sales model shared at INMA

Print holds its own on ad “visibility” against digital media

comScore: iPad users willing or very willing to pay for subscriptions

Coming to an iPad near you: 3D ads

Hearst launches web service to manage subscriptions, pay household bills

An update on digital news pricing models

Top coupon publishers to cross publish digital coupons

New Jersey hyperlocal news outfit profitable in year two

JRC’s Paton: Now is the most important time for legacy media

Kachingle’s tip jar for journalism

Can anyone challenge the iPad?

Disrupted technologies: the publisher’s dilemma

New public radio station, foundation, team up for news site

News360: iPad app using multiple sources

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