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Brian Steffens, Director of Communications, RJIBrian Steffens, Director of Communications

Gannett, Advance tops in digital-print local market penetration

INMA summaries from the AAAA’s transformation conference

Fear of oblivion becoming a stronger motivation

Google, Procter & Gamble, Disney do it; Apple doesn’t. Research

Summify analyzes data flowing through your social media, then serves up news of interest

Mobile requires experimentation

5 minutes of Clay Christensen at Borrell local advertising summit

Clark Gilbert, John Paton, Ken Doctor at NAA MediaXchange

Newsosaur comments on Gilbert, Paton, Doctor

Newsy, Flipboard show how to succeed on iPad
Newsy: the future of mobile-powered TV?

10 key dying industries according to IBIS: newspapers #3

Tulsa World unveils digital subscription plan

iPad nearly 100% of tablet revenue in 2010

Local TV keying on limited supply to shore up advertising share and rates

Borrell: local, mobile advertising leading ad growth

Buttry (again) on importance of mobile-first strategy

Novel idea: SFB tells folks something they don’t know, or likely missed

Declaring journo vs. blogger dead: Project Thunderdome!

PaidContent’s top 50 includes “legacy” media companies

iPad Research to drive Mag+ app development
Related: Marketing will be key to app success

CBS Local targets local advertisers

Who said local TV would follow newspapers? Major groups’ double digit growth similar to 80′s

News Corp’s UK papers gain from digital products

Popular Science sells 10,000 iPad subscriptions

Microsoft sues Barnes & Noble over e-reader

CBS News top performing site; MSNBC most improved

Web ads predicted to draw 25% of local ad spending by 2015

Will they pay for content, convenience? How about relevance

Get out of the way: it’s not about you, it’s about them

Twitter connects reporter to community

5 ways to beat Craigslist

Morris, Freedom gain on differing app strategies

RR Donnelly buys Brill’s Journalism Online

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