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USA Today rolls out simplified iPhone and iPod apps
USA Today has released a new free app featuring simplified navigation, zoom weather mapping, and new photo galleries and optimized sports scores. The mobile team said it created the app to develop the best news apps while listening to their customers needs.

AP redesigns visuals and content in news app update
The Associated Press released an updated version of AP Mobile, with a new visual design and more in-depth coverage of major and local stories. The update includes two new features, Big Stories and Local News, to increase the breadth of information accessible to users.

Duke Reporter’s Lab works to improve technology for journalists
The newly launched Reporter’s Lab at Duke University is working to develop software to simplify public-affairs and investigative journalism. Tools in development include efforts to improve note-taking and transcription.

Piano Media CEO talks future of journalism
Before giving the keynote speech at the Changing Media Summit 2012, Piano Media CEO Tomas Bella talked with The Guardian about innovation in journalism and what he’d like to see in the year ahead.

Papers bet on paywalls for their future
While digital subscriptions aren’t immediately increasing, more and more papers are putting their faith in paywalls as the key to their survival. The Los Angeles Times and several Gannett papers are the latest to announce their movement into the world of paid content.

15 game-changing trends in local media
Check the fifteen game-changing trends now in local media. Eventually mobile local leaders will charge for services they are now giving away free. Marketers may want to know that mobile ads will evolve with the growing smartphone market.

Shifting to cross-media revenue model is not easy
A new study from the Pew Research Center indicates that newspapers are struggling with the shift from print ad revenue to digital ad revenue. The PEJ report suggests that the issue exists because of the obstacles of the newspaper industry.

Good tips for eReader advertising
Here are tips from Martini Media for good eReader advertising practice. The company, successful in eReader advertising, suggests focusing on print media, combining the feel of print, thinking locally, and “steering clear of books” for advertising.

Inertia is the biggest revenue threat to newspapers
An omission exists intentionally in the PEJ study about how U.S. newspapers are dealing with the digital revenue – the paywall charge is not included in the study. According to the researcher, they left out the trendy factor because newspapers were moving too slowly toward it so that they could not get any conclusion. This is also the biggest revenue threat newspaper are facing right now.

Event business: Another way of increasing revenue for publishers
Gaining profits from print operations is becoming harder and harder for publishers. But Fortune magazine can serve as a successful case to show hosting events can also be a profitable business for publishers.

Tablet-only “The Daily” proves not successful as expected
With high expectations, The Daily, a tablet-only news publication introduced a year ago, proves not as successful as Rupert Murdorch and his News Corporation have expected. It is due to technical problems and the limitations of the app.    

Open source is essential in the new data journalism
The National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting’s 2012 conference highlighted the significance of making sense of big data, which needs the contribution of the journalism industry. And open source is essential to the new data journalism.

HTML 5: Can it fulfill the promise?
The introduction of HTML 5, with its device-agnostic and Flash-free capabilities, is seen as a way to fast-track the mobile jump. However, different publishers hold different opinions of it. HTML 5 – should we move forward or still need to look around and plan ahead?  This article offers various viewpoints.

Financial Times to set up ‘Live News’ project online
The Financial Times will launch a new project “live news desk” at the heart of the FT.com operation, to provide a rapid response to breaking news stories online and free up specialized reporters to develop a longer take on the story. FT.com editor Robert Shrimsley said it is a natural evolution in the development of their digital offering.

Bloomberg Businessweek plans to launch first iPhone app
After launching the iPad app in April last year, Bloomberg Businessweek will launch its first iPhone app within the next few weeks. Oke Okaro, Bloomberg global head of digital and mobile said the iPhone app will open them to at least a four times bigger install base, and enable them to deliver to the audience in a more convenient and interactive way.

Authentication issue hinders fast company magazine iPad app
Print subscribers of Fast Company Magazine are unable to gain access to the iPad edition due to its authentication bug. The company promises to fix the bug and the updated version will be released on March 5.

Magazines push for personalized ads
With the increasing demands for personalization in the digital era, magazines are trying to personalize their advertising. Michelle Weir, the publishing market development manager for the Americas at HP Graphics Solutions Business said such trend will continue to expand.

Linking: The lynchpin to a digital-first newsroom?
In today’s newspaper industry, linking other news outlets and sources of information in the online reporting is still a foreign concept if reporters are still writing the same story they used to write for print. However, the author illustrates his points that the practice of linking could be far more significant than we realize in the transition to digital journalism.

The lifespan and value of content
In the age of Twitter and digital content that is uploaded almost faster than it can be read, the lifespan of a news piece has shrunk rapidly, with most links losing value after just three hours. Mark Armstrong looks at how to extend that shelf life.

Connecticut newspaper and broadcast channel team up
The Bulletin and WFSB-TV announced they will form a partnership to improve local news in Eastern Connecticut. The CBS affiliate and newspaper alliance will allow journalists from each to use their talents in different media.

Mark Cuban and the monetization of online content
For many companies, strategy and online content have not always gone hand in hand. Mark Cuban’s comments on the strategy behind monetization for news sights provides insights on its importance.

Turning customers into brand ambassadors
Many companies pay millions to obtain celebrity brand ambassadors. For the Toronto Star, the most important ambassadors for the company have been readers themselves, thanks to a Christmas program the paper runs each year.

PolitiFact signs new deal increasing TV presence
PolitiFact, the Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking service that measures the accuracy of politicians’ statements, will now appear on all 25 news-producing Hearst stations. While they have worked with cable channels in the past, they are increasing their local presence.

Mobilewalla to release analytics package for mobile apps
Mobilewalla Analytics announced their release of an analytics package with near real-time data on mobile apps from the Apple Apps Store and Android Market. The package will give advertisers information on the sales, downloads and usage of apps.

Social ad network RadiumOne adds $50 million in funding
RadiumOne is closing a $50 million venture investment round, more than twice the size of last year’s round, a source confirmed. The company uses social to target audiences more specifically for advertisers.

29% of web users plan to buy an iPad3
A recent survey reveals that almost one third of mobile Web users plan to buy an iPad3. An even more surprising revelation – more than half of that group does not currently own a tablet, implying the iPad3 will significantly increase the number of tablet owners in the U.S.

Five signs tablets will soon take over
As tablets are seeing sales increase and web sites significantly increase their traffic from mobile, five usage trends seem to indicate that tablets will take over sooner than many expected.

Hyperlocal landscape continues to change
There is no clear path for hyperlocal news sites to maneuver down and with the change of social media and constant new technologies, the path isn’t getting any clearer.  Steve Outing contributes to a Q&A that may answer a few questions.

The Economist’s new strategy to continue revenue stream
Website control for The Economist is now being turned over to its digital controller who primarily manages the tablet editions.  Currently being run as two departments, by merging all of the digital realms together, The Economist executives believe this is a step in the right direction for business.

Innovative advertising can really work
The key for media companies to continue to grow their companies is innovation in advertising. Keeping clients still in your best interest while highlighting what your paper does best are just part of the process.

The importance of a culture change in some organizations
Many factors contribute to a healthy work environment.  Clear communication, transparency and an overall cultural transformation is sometimes necessary to keep business and the environment for employees flourishing.

New shield law for Massachusetts could protect bloggers, too
A new shield law being considered in Massachusetts is broad enough to offer protection to some journalist bloggers as well. While shield laws exist, they predate the Internet, which has led to mixed court decisions.

Struggling AOL Patch makes cuts in sales staff
AOL’s local news network of blogs, Patch, began to cut sales staff this week due to “underperformance.” The firings are rumored to number 200. AOL’s experimental blog network lost -$150 million last year.

How paywalls affect news sites’ social media
As more and more papers implement subscription plans and paywalls, Poynter takes a look at how these affect the social media strategies of six organizations.

BBC makes news delivery more personal with Facebook News Control Panel
In an effort to increase its social presence and personalize news, the BBC has released its new BBC News Control Panel for Facebook. The service, still in beta, allows subscribers to choose what news stories they would like to see embedded in their news feed.

Oregon newspaper bonds with community through webisodes
An Oregon newspaper has created an inexpensive web series, “Dan & Dave Do Stuff,” in which a sports reporter and copy editor film themselves experiencing local activities chosen by viewers. The videos are posted on the paper’s website with local advertising.

Apple to unveil Catalogs category as it releases the iPad 3
Apple announced that it will add a Catalogs category to the App Store. The category will debut the same day as the iPad 3, leading to speculation that the new Retina Display will lead to production of ultra-high-resolution interactive catalogs for the device.

BuzzFeed makes serious journalistic hires
BuzzFeed, known as an offbeat meme-centric social news site, has begun a strong push toward original journalistic content. The publisher has recently added a group of established journalists to its roster, coming from Rolling Stone to Politico.

Kindle Singles offers a new opportunity for journalists
Somewhere between a long-form article and a short book, Kindle Singles are described by Amazon as ‘compelling ideas expressed at their natural length,’ and they are providing a new venue for journalists to tell stories on their own terms.

Apple patents the iWallet
With the iWallet feature, Apple customers will be able to link their mobile payments to their iTunes account. Credit card companies will also have the option to send statements through iTunes. Parental and employee controls are among some of the conversations started around this new patent.

Hyperlocal news site turns old news into relevant news
The St. Louis Beacon published an e-book that looks at the floods of 2011, over a year ago to let more readers read old news that is still of interest. There is skepticism among the platform about whether or not this is a good investment and worth continuing.

Are metered paywalls a solution to increased revenue?
Claiming to rejuvenate newspapers, Gannett papers plan to adopt a metered paywall system that allows readers to view an allotment of stories online before having to pay. Will this new system really turn over $100 million more in profits a year?

More opportunities for publishers with the ‘new iPad’
Still leading the industry in tablets, Apple added more bells and whistles to the iPad that will lead to more advances for magazine companies. The new retina display among other features will enhance subscriptions leading to more revenue.

HTML5 ranked higher over iPad apps
For some publishers, the most cost-effective route is to invest in HTML5-based Web apps. With platform options increasing, the cost to develop native apps will also go up leaving publishers no other option than to seek other options.

AP app delivers new style and the future of news
With new updates, the AP app is still searching for ways to stand out among the competitors. Although much strategy still needs to be sorted out, delivering comprehensive real-time news on a mobile device is where the organization is focused.

The ‘New iPad’ raises consumers’ standards
With Apple’s new lineup of features on the iPad, publishers will have to step up their game to keep their readers happy.  Ebooks and other digital products will have to be enhanced and each feature means a new implication for the industry.

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