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By Brian Steffens on June 17, 2011 1 Comment Ideas Experiments

"While our colleagues on the business side deserve credit for pushing newsrooms to become more nimble in recent years, they have also consistently failed to imagine and then incubate a Craigslist, a Groupon, a Monster. com, let alone a Google or a Facebook. Nor are they any closer today than they were last year in fixing the broken business model of quality journalism. ... Free is indeed very expensive. But, what the prolonged and knee-jerk debate about free vs. paid inside our news organizations shows is that we still have what led us here in the first place: An imagination deficit. ... It is time we figured out how to make it [journalism] easier, more engaging and useful.  -- Raju Narisetti, Managing Editor, read more in The Washington Post

FCC's Waldman coins "hamsterization" of journalism. Based on Dean Starkman's article "The Hamster Wheel" in Columbia Journalism Review. The “Hamster Wheel” isn’t about speed, the [FCC] report quotes Starkman as saying. “It’s motion for motion’s sake… volume without thought. It is news panic, a lack of discipline, an inability to say no.” -- Read more from Wired online

Financial Times sees 100,000 downloads of new HTML5 app

Suit seeks closed captions for online video for hard of hearing

Analyst says tablets to grow like wildfire, Apple to dominate

ProPublica rolls out social aggregation tool

eBay pushes local mobile shopping app

Sports Illustrated shows why tablets are better than print

UK's Guardian shifts to digital-first strategy

Augusta paper finds success with pay model

Some Patch sites to be profitable this year

Among top 100 media publications, newspapers lead way in mobile

Focus on consumer and advertiser leads magazine from print to digital

Advertising effectiveness is not aligned with engagement

Trib Local now up to 88 hyper-local sites

2/3 of UK iPad users read newspapers, magazines on device

BBC developing iPhone app for reporters

Ex News Corp development team create iPad 

Forbes: Digital subscriptions will lift magazines, not newspapers

Google speeds up mobile Internet searches

Paywalls and advertising are not mutually exclusive

Citigroup: NY Times paywall working, subs "robust"

E&P: Three newspapers that hit bottom and bounced back

The evolution of content management systems

Fargo paper experiments with eBooks

Groupon, Facebook, Google pursue local ads

Patch-Amex deal takes aim at Groupon

Small businesses look to mix up marketing efforts

Content strategy lessons from virtual gaming world

Advertorials as effective engagement tools

Apple tested, but still dominant on mobile battlefield

Are news articles really just a luxury or byproduct? A rebuttal to Jarvis

Hearst plans to make its digital magazines a "shoppable experience"

Forbes offers a glimpse into its new newsroom for the digital age

iPad use cutting into PC email, mobile browsing

UK's Guardian finds some success with iPhone subscriptions

Scarcity of information (old school) vs overabundance of information (new school)

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Your Links posts are a dream

Your Links posts are a dream come true for anyone interested in getting an all-round current view of the journalism and related spaces.

Thanks for publishing these. :)

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