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By Brian Steffens on July 29, 2011 0 Comments

The latest case for HTML5

Hyperlocals prefer engagement to page views

Software suggests what story to place where on your website

Apple is top smartphone vendor, Samsung growing fast

Financial Times' digital subscriptions boosts profits

Age a predictor as to which digital device you use?

BBC launches iPlayer iPad app in 11 countries

Redesigning and rethinking the news

Denver TV station focuses on engagement to win digital market

Study: iPad to dominate until 2015

One view: apps not a long-term solution

Rethinking digital storytelling

Android device return rate much higher than Apple's iPhone 4

What media companies can learn from Kodak

Hyperlocal business models for news media

Media companies rethink Apple strategy

Why people pay on some platforms and not on others

Vinh: Magazine apps headed in wrong direction

Email is still important

Two-thirds of time spent on Internet shared with other media

Reuters columnist: New York Times pay model works

Sports Illustrated bets big on tablets

Badges build relationships with readers

Why go with local publisher for daily deals?

Free content generates $15,000 in one day

Newsfeed outperforms apps in Facebook

Half of Americans go online daily for news

Nook for iPad to offer more than 175 digital magazines

Social media: The new wave of journalism

How journalists are rethinking their relationship with the audience

Journal Communications, Milwaukee, exploring online pay models

Five ways to launch a deals program

Forrester: Tablet commerce to trump mobile e-commerce

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