Web/mobile design using Adobe’s CS6

By Brian Steffens on November 14, 2012 0 Comments Ideas Experiments

New digital publishing platform: Step by step tutorials

Adobe CS6 tutorials

Jeff Goertzen, one of the industry’s top designers (USA Today, Denver Post, Orange County Register), has graciously agreed to share his tutorials on how to use the recently released Adobe publishing platform (CS6) to produce mobile content — without native apps or HTML5 Web apps.

Jeff recently shared these during a pre-convention workshop for the Society of News Design at SNDcle. He’s served on the SND board for more than a decade and worked as an independent consultant for more than 100 papers in 40 countries.

If you’re familiar with Adobe’s Illustrator program, you’re on your way to producing mobile digital content for smartphones, tablets and the Web. Even if you’re new to Creative Suite, Jeff walks you through setup, menus … all the way through to a finished product.


01. Page setup

02. Basic tools

03. Scrolling content (text)

04. Scrolling content (photos)

05. Importing video

06. Pinch and zoom

07. Panorma (cube)

08. Image sequence (spinning globe)

09. Slideshow

10. Buttons

11. Hyperlinks

12. Creating horizontal layout

13. Alternate layout

14. Folio builder

15. Folio producer

16. Adobe content viewer

Brian Steffens is the director of communications at the Reynolds Journalism Institute. Read his other blog posts here, and talk back at steffensb@rjionline.org and @BrianSteffens on Twitter.

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