Doug Marlette, 1949-2007

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by CCJ Staff

Editorial Cartoonist Doug Marlette Dies in Auto Accident
Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Doug Marlette was killed July 10th in an auto accident in Mississippi.

Freedom of Speech and the Editorial Cartoon
Doug Marlette calls editorial cartoons the "acid test for the First Amendment" in a column in Harvard University's Nieman Reports.

'With All Due Respect...'
Doug Marlette's editorial response to the critics of his 2002 cartoon 'What Would Mohammed Drive.'

'I Was a Tool of Satan...'
Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Doug Marlette discusses his 2002 cartoon 'What Would Mohammed Drive,' which drew criticism and death threats.

Them Damn Pictures
In this 2006 article, Marlette argues that the West showed it was not only gutless, but also brainless, by caving in to fanatics over Danish cartoons depicting Mohammad.

Check Your Pretensions at the Door: CCJ's Tracy Thompson Remembers Doug Marlette
CCJ Trainer Tracy Thompson shares stories from her experiences with famed editorial cartoonist, friend, and former colleague Doug Marlette.

Doug Marlette's website:

Accounts of Marlette's life and death from newspapers at which he which he worked:
Tulsa World - (full tribute released August 2007)
Tallahassee Democrat
New York Newsday
Atlanta Journal Constitution

Charlotte (NC) Observer 1
Charlotte Observer 2
Charlotte Observer 3

Selected appreciations and remembrances of Marlette:
Washington Post - RemembranceWashington Post - Marlette: Defender of Free Speech
New York Times
Chicago Tribune
Los Angeles Times
Raleigh News & ObserverNational Public Radio

KOTV-Tulsa ran a story on Marlette after he joined Tulsa World staff in early 2006. Click here for the text version. A link to the TV story is available here.

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