Understanding "Needs States"

By RJI on September 25, 2006 0 Comments

by Esther Thorson, Associate Dean for Graduate Research and Margaret E. Duffy, Chair - Dept. of Strategic Communication, University of Missouri School of Journalism, September 25, 2006

In the Power Point presentation linked to below, Esther Thorson and Margaret E. Duffy of the University of Missouri Journalism School and the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute outline how the "media choice model" can be used as a guide for growing newspaper audiences, and by extension, revenues.

The "media choice model" holds that trying to fulfill various "needs states" determines media consumption.

The presentation contains information on the various needs states and how to determine their fulfillment. It also highlights how particular news and information outlets have accomplished needs fulfillment through their website offerings.

This presentation appeared on the website of the National Newspaper Association as part of one of their "webinars."

Click here for the presentation.