Futures Lab update #52: Newspaper video that takes on TV news; and inside news curation apps

By Reuben Stern on March 25, 2014 0 Comments Ideas

This week we see how one newspaper hopes to compete with local television with breaking news video; and we learn more about the role of news curation apps.

PART 1: Video at the Austin American-Statesman

The Austin American-Statesman has a long history as a newspaper, but the staff is now looking to compete with local TV stations by providing online video coverage of breaking news. We hear about the strategy from Digital Managing Editor Zach Ryall.
Reporting by Paige Hornor and Reuben Stern.
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Additional examples:

The Oklahoman's NewsOK website was among the first newspaper operations to invest heavily in online video, launching its effort back in 2007. (In 2009 the operation won an Innovator of the Year award from the Associated Press Managing Editors for its integration of video into the newsroom process). Now seven years later, the newsroom continues to produce multiple weekly shows along with individual clips that round out each day's news coverage.

The Des Moines Register's video efforts helped land the organization on Editor & Publisher's most recent list of 10 Newspapers That Do It Right. With a video studio built into a brand new newsroom, the Register is putting reporters on camera to cover a wide range of material. The business side also plans to use the studio to produce video spots for advertising clients.

PART 2: Curation as a part of the news ecosystem

An array of sites and apps have built entire businesses by pulling together information reported elsewhere and delivering it in a way that focuses on the user. We visit with leaders at Circa, Inside.com and Newsy to learn more about how these organizations fit into the news landscape.
Reporting by Tatiana Darie.
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