Fellows up for election for ONA Board of Directors

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Michele McLellan

Michele McLellan, ONA
Michele McLellan

Consultant, Circuit Rider
(Professional Member)

Vision for ONA
I am interested in helping ONA expand its membership and services to embrace more of the growing numbers of local news entrepreneurs. As the primary organization for online journalism, ONA will benefit from my knowledge, perspectives and connections to emerging local online media in charting its leadership into the future

Michele McLellan is a consultant who helps news organizations, online news startups, and news entrepreneurs adapt to a dynamic emerging local media environment. She is lead programming consultant with Knight Digital Media Center at USC Annenberg and KDMC News Leadership 3.0 blogger. As a 2009-10 Reynolds Journalism Fellow at the Missouri School of Journalism, she developed Michele's List of promising online community news start ups and is organizing Block by Block: Community News Summit 2010 Sept. 23-24 in Chicago. Michele also works as a Circuit Rider for the Knight Foundation, advising foundation-funded news and information projects around the United States. From 2003-07, she directed Tomorrow's Workforce, a $2.5 million Knight Foundation project that demonstrated the link between strategic newsroom training, newsroom culture and a news organization's ability to adapt and innovate. She is a journalist who worked for more than 25 years as an editor and manager in newspapers, most recently at The Oregonian in Portland, Oregon. A Nieman Fellow at Harvard University in 2001-02, she has taught journalism and journalism ethics nationally and internationally, developed online courses for News University, and is an author of two books, "The Newspaper Credibility Handbook" and, with Tim Porter, "News, Improved: How America's Newsrooms Are Learning to Change." She has been invited to make presentations at the conventions of the American Society of Newspaper Editors and the Associated Press Managing Editors. She has been an Ethics Fellow and guest faculty in leadership at the Poynter Institute.

Will Sullivan

Will Sullivan, ONA
Will Sullivan

Donald W. Reynold Fellow, Reynolds Journalism Institute
(Professional Member)

"I've been an active member of ONA since 2004, when I was the only staff event photographer for the Chicago convention. I've seen the organization grow immensely over the years and would relish the opportunity to take my experience studying mobile development as a Reynolds Fellow to lead ONA forward into the mobile age."

Vision for ONA
Seven Areas of Growth for ONA:

  • MOBILE - Expand the organization's focus, leadership and membership to include mobile journalism as a major priority equal to that of web journalism. Many journalism organizations dragged their feet committing to the web and we cannot make this same mistake when it comes to the sweeping societal, media and technological changes mobile experiences will bring to our audiences.
  • INNOVATION & IDEA SHARING - Produce more regular news content and information for members (and the industry in general) through the website and social media. Content would include: Monthly spotlights showcasing member's best practices and innovative approaches, tech tutorials and training resources, crowd-sourced recommendations and reviews on journalism tools and vendors, online journalism issue discussion and more.
  • ADVOCACY - Become a stronger voice and advocate in the issues affecting the future of digital journalism including: freedom of information and open data requests, net neutrality, photographer and videographer rights, digital copyright and intellectual property issues, privacy and more.
  • LOCALIZE - Building more regional or city-based chapters and activities -- like the incredibly successful ONA DC group has done -- continue supporting the chapters in major media cities, but also look for opportunities to grow membership in local regional groups outside of the coasts or tied to journalism schools
  • PARTNERS - Expand partnerships with other organizations both in and out of journalism to help lead the industry and benefit both memberships (such as AIGA, South by Southwest Interactive, O'Reilly Tech conferences, etc.)
  • MEMBERSHIP - Focus on recruiting and growing youth and diversity within the organization membership and leadership both with demographics, organization types and locations. Reach out to minority journalism groups with opportunities for partnerships, potentially discounted memberships and more.
  • GIVING BACK - Find opportunities to share, donate and educate others on media literacy and technological skills -- particularly with youth, women and minorities through community groups and schools to help bridge some of the cultural, gender and social gaps.

Will Sullivan is a 2010-2011 Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Fellow at the University of Missouri, where he is studying mobile social, geo-located and multimedia news content development. Sullivan is also the Interactive Director of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, an occasional adjunct faculty and tech writer for The Poynter Institute and a blogger at Journerdism.com. Sullivan's work has won more than a dozen professional awards from organizations including The Society for News Design, National Press Photographer Association, Editor & Publisher and The Online News Association and his website was recently recognized by Harvard University's Nieman Journalism Lab as one of the 10 best "future-of-journalism" blogs. He's worked at more than a dozen news organizations from Sydney, Australia to Toledo, Ohio in roles from staff photographer to Editor in Chief. He's a board member for the Society for News Design foundation, a Multimedia Committee member of the National Press Photographer Association and co-creator and co-executive producer of the NPPA's Multimedia Immersion. Sullivan's background is in multimedia storytelling and design, and his recent research and leadership has focused on developing social and mobile media for journalistic endeavors.


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