The Digital Storytelling Summit - Recorded Sessions

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Welcome and Conference Introduction
Charles Davis & Ron Green

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Digital Storytelling as Product
Hallmark is rapidly expanding into products that use digital capabilities to give consumers new ways to share ideas and feelings as well as experience our content more fully through digital storytelling. Diana Stuart, Creative Director - Hallmark Properties, shared highlights and learning from Hallmark's recent ventures into animated television entertainment. 

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Digital Storytelling as Product
Peter Martin, Consulting Artist, discussed the development and growth of his Asteroid Andy character and share insights about storytelling and character development through a cartoon series.

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Digital Storytelling as Product
Ira Baker, Multimedia Designer, discussed evolving 25-year old cartoon favorite Maxine from 2D drawing to 3D star of her own line of animated ecards.

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Story First. Tools Last.
We are awash in powerful storytelling tools. From the smartphones in our pockets that can capture photos, audio, and video to the social channels that let us instantly disseminate that media to the world, these tools are better, faster, stronger, and cheaper than they have ever been.

But our fascination with – and sometimes, fixation on – the tools obscures the most powerful tool: story itself.

Join Ben Kaplan and Eric Ratinoff, principals of strategic and applied storytelling firm Act3, to rediscover story as a transformative technology in its own right, not only for journalists and traditional media creators, but also for corporations and non-profit organizations looking to chart a path forward.

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A vision for digital storytelling 1990 - 2012, and beyond
José Azel, founder of Aurora Photos and Novus Select, depicts his quest to tell visual stories in a wired world. From 1990 through today, he discussed his own personal evolution from newspaper photographer, to magazine photojournalist, to a pioneer in digital, visual storytelling, and what he foresees for the coming years.

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The Writer's Craft: Storytelling, Hollywood Style
Hollywood has changed tremendously since it early days of nickelodeons and one-reel silent films. Just the last 15 years have seen the rise of digital filmmaking, newcontent delivery systems and expanded media outlets. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the essential elements of storytelling and the audience’s need to feel a connection to memorable characters. Crafting compelling stories that tap into an audience’s emotions in unexpected and poignant ways can become a ticket to success in Hollywood.

Jim McClain shared his experiences as a student filmmaker and as a successful screenwriter navigating the Hollywood waters of selling a script, studio development, production and premier. He also offered insights into how the digital era has opened up storytelling opportunities in new and exciting ways and how those opportunities can be utilized in the future.

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