Michael Skoler submits panel ideas for ONA 2010

By Michael Skoler on March 16, 2010 0 Comments Ideas

ONA Session Selector

Title:    Crowdsourcing - A Path to Impact, Trust & Revenue

Description:    Crowdsourcing is still rare in news, though businesses from Starbucks to Unilever use its power to engage, build trust, and generate sales.  News outlets can tap that and more – including fact-finding, cultivating sources, and gaining story insights.  Hear tips and trade experiences at the frontier of crowdsourcing for news.

Other speakers:    Jeff Howe of Wired, Amanda Mickel of Pro Publica, Vicky Taylor of BBC


What are the best examples of crowdsourcing and what makes them work?
Which new tools make it easier for my site to crowdsource?
How can crowdsourcing build community and revenue?


Title:    3 New Models for News – A Speed-Design Workshop

Description:    There’s more to revenue than subscriptions and ads.  Profitable businesses are built on membership, value-added products, and services.  Example: Red Hat grosses $800 million by selling services around open-source Linux.  We’ll hear examples, split into groups to design novel news businesses, then share ideas at breakneck speed.

Other speakers:    Katherine Fulton of Monitor Institute


How do the models work and who is using them successfully?
How do companies create compelling value around news, information and user-generated content?
How might I harness these models for my organization or to create a startup?

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