Mobile changing the consumption of Information, a 3 year roadmap for mobile newspaper success

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Clyde Bentley, Donald W. Reynolds fellow, mobile journalism
"Mobile changing the consumption of Information, a 3 year Roadmap for Mobile Newspaper Success," Green Data Center blog, 2010

It is an accepted fact that the consumption of news on Mobile Phones is growing.  Anyone who thinks print is growing hasn’t seen the number of idled pulp and paper mill capacity that ironically can be repurposed by data centers to host internet news.

ZDNET writes a perspective on the subject of Mobile and News.

News on mobile phones is growing; Newspapers get second chance

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The Associated Press took an interesting approach to a report released today by the Pew Research Center about news consumption in an online world. That headline highlighted that 26 percent of adult Americans now get their news from their mobile phones, an interesting statistic. It also noted that 43 percent of “younger’ cell phone owners - that under age 50 - are also reading news stories on their phones, compared to 15 percent of cell phone owners who fall in the “over-50″ category.

I like the ZDNet Between the lines because they refer to other news like CNET.

There was a lot more to that report and CNET breaks it down nicely. For example, 59 percent of the audience get their news from both online and offline sources and 57 percent said they have between two and five favorite Web sites to visit for their news. It also found that 37 percent are engaging in the news, either by commenting or pushing headlines to their friends and associates via social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

and, they point to a blog entry by Reynolds Journalism Institute at University of Missouri.

But I found the statistic about mobile especially interesting because, just a few weeks ago. a fellow of the Reynolds Journalism Institute and an associate professor at the Missouri School of Journalism, published a blog post that sounded the alarm about the news industry’s need for a mobile strategy for content delivery.

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