Roger Fidler: A lifetime achievement award

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Roger Fidler’s dedication to the news design industry has earned him a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of News Design (SND).

Roger Fidler, Steve Dorsey, Stephen Komives
SND Executive Director Stephen Komives (l), Roger Fidler, SND President Steve Dorsey

As program director for digital publishing at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI), Fidler continues to devote his career to tablet technology and its effect on the news industry, more specifically news design. As director of RJI’s Digital Publishing Alliance, he organized an all-day tablet track at SND’s annual convention in St. Louis last week. Fidler was presented the award at the conclusion of the closing banquet.

Fidler is a founding member of SND (1979) and created the organization’s first newsletter. He served as the Society’s first vice president at a time when the skeletal structure of SND was coming together.

He forecast the news tablet in 1981, 30 years before the Apple iPad. Fidler followed that dream at Knight-Ridder’s Information Design Laboratory in the 1990s, and later at Kent State University’s Institute for Cyberinformation.

“SND owes Roger, RJI and the Digital Publishing Alliance among others major thanks for helping bring this partnership to fruition and presenting a strong new chapter in our understanding of how people access, understand and consume the news,” said Steve Dorsey, SND president and vice president of research and development at the Detroit Media Partnership.

Roger Fidler's essay written for APME Special Report Titled "The Changing Newspaper -- Year 2000" was published 30 years ago.


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