Paul Bolls

Paul Bolls


  • Reynolds Fellow
    Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute
  • Associate Professor,
  • Strategic Communications
178 Gannett Hall
Missouri School of Journalism
Columbia, MO 65211-1200
Project: The brain on news

The goal of Paul Boll's project was to explore the brain in an effort to create psychologically powerful online news and advertising. Bolls studied, using lab equipment that measures physiological responses, how the brain processes news and advertising. He wanted was to create news and advertising that users would pay more attention to, understand better, and remember longer.

About Bolls:

Paul Bolls is an associate professor in strategic communication and and co-director of the Psychological Research on Information and Media Effects (PRIME) Lab at the Missouri School of Journalism. The PRIME Lab is an experimental research lab dedicated to the study of cognitive and emotional processing of media. 

Prior to joining the Missouri School of Journalism, Bolls taught and directed the Laboratory for the Study of Communication, Emotion and Cognition at Washington State University in Pullman. His work has been published in Communication Research, Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, Journal of Marketing Communications and Media Psychology. Bolls has presented his research to professional groups including the National Association of Broadcasters, Seattle Advertising Federation and Danish National Radio. He has served as the vice chair of the Information Systems division of ICA.