When are applications for a fellowship accepted?

We accept applications from Dec. 18 to Jan. 31 for fellowships during the fiscal year beginning July 1. The exact start date is determined in consultation with the fellow.

Who should apply?

Because of the acute financial challenges to supporting quality journalism, we are interested in ideas on how to connect citizens with news and advertising more efficiently, to grow revenues, to engage communities or to ensure that the industry is taking full advantage of new and emerging technologies, but we welcome any proposals that offer the hope of strengthening the journalism-democracy relationship.

What is the goal of the Reynolds Fellowship Program?

The fellowship program is focused on innovation and problem-solving. Each fellow is expected to produce deliverables intended to enhance the practice and understanding of journalism or advertising.

What’s the difference between a Reynolds Fellowship and an RJI Project?

A fellowship is an eight-month program to develop, experiment and test a promising idea designed to benefit the industry and society. A project, often completed in conjunction with RJI’s Futures Lab, is typically an intense shorter-term incubation of an idea, a test or an experiment to determine the viability of an idea or a research effort to validate or improve an innovation.

What resources are available?

RJI is housed at the Missouri School of Journalism, providing all the resources of a major research university. In addition, fellows will have access to RJI’s Futures Lab and Microsoft Application Development Lab, staffed with professionals in media and emerging technologies, and to rigorous and robust research resources. Each residential fellow receives office space and a laptop computer, along with staff support, including marketing, communications, event planning and video production. Institutional and non-residential fellows receive all of the above except an exclusive office and laptop.

What does a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship mean?

Innovation need not require the invention of something totally new. Innovation is often the adaptation or repurposing of existing technologies or practices to address or overcome challenges that were not part of the original design of those technologies or practices. The outcome might be new and exciting, but the nuts and bolts of the solutions might be bringing together existing technologies and ideas in new ways. Entrepreneurship suggests that the ideas and solutions should be scalable and sustainable.
Where do Reynolds Fellows usually live during their year in Columbia?Most fellows live in rental apartments or houses within walking distance of campus.

Do I need a car to get around during my fellowship year?

Not necessarily. Whether or not you want to have a car while in Columbia is up to you. Columbia has a great transportation system that can get you almost anywhere in town and there is a shuttle company running regular trips to both the St. Louis and Kansas City airports.
I have a family — can I still be a Reynolds Fellow?Absolutely!

What airports serve Mid-Missouri?

Columbia is served directly by American Airlines and United Airlines with flights to and from three of the four largest domestic hubs in the U.S.: Chicago O’Hare, Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport and Denver International Airport. You can find a full schedule at https://www.flycou.com/?page_id=208. Most major airlines serve both Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (about 90 minutes east of Columbia) and Kansas City International Airport (about 120 minutes west of Columbia). There is regular shuttle service between Columbia and both St. Louis and Kansas City airports.