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RJI Insight magazine provides highlights — just the tip of the iceberg — on programs and projects that make the Reynolds Journalism Institute the go-to place for new ideas and insights. The magazine is published twice annually, with new issues launching in January and July.

RJI Insight | Volume 3 Number 1 | Winter 2024

RJI Insight 4
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  • How to use a chatbot to have a conversation with your community
  • A collaborative approach to statehouse reporting
  • Journalism and AI year
  • Digital screens offer Black news and ads a seat at the table — or a barber’s chair
  • Navigate your YouTube video backlog with ease
  • RJI Strategic Plan 2023–2026
  • RJI Impact Report

RJI Insight | Volume 2 Number 2 | Summer 2023

RJI Insight | Volume 2 Number 1 | Summer 2023
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  • Introducing the 2023–2024 RJI Fellows
  • Finishing strong: Our 2022-2023 Fellows show off their projects
  • Watchdog Writers Group sees continued success in fourth year
  • What happens when a chatbot creates defamatory content?
  • How we start building access for disabled journalists
  • POY80
  • Partnership with URL Media helps BIPOC outlets show impact to advertisers
  • Digital screens grow audience, build new revenue streams

RJI Insight | Volume 2 Number 1 | Winter 2023

RJI Insight | Volume 1 Number 2 | Winter 2023
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  • Helping ‘Rural Journalism’ is not a straightforward project
  • RJI partners with Chalkbeat to help newsrooms track source diversity
  • Building a pop-up evergreen newsletter
  • From ONA to you
  • More highlights from 2022
  • Replace the news with something better
  • Creating an affordable text system for your community-centered news org
  • Catch up with the 2022-2023 RJI Fellows

RJI Insight | Volume 1 Number 1 | Summer 2022

RJI Insight | Volume 1 Number 1 | Summer 2022
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  • 2021-22 RJI Fellows focus on collaboration, innovation and new strategies to manage newsrooms
  • Introducing the 2022-2023 RJI Fellows
  • Finding a new revenue stream by stating the obvious: A community newspaper is an economic development asset
  • What “Journalism innovation” is needs to be reconsidered
  • Using local photographers in international media to document pivotal events
  • Pictures of the Year 79
  • Newsrooms come together to tackle problem of digital news preservation
  • Women in Journalism Workshop: By women, for women


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