Innovation in Focus

Innovation in Focus

Innovation in Focus is a video series exploring emerging technology and methods of storytelling for newsrooms worldwide. We will interview experts, test tools and provide our findings on a different topic each month. Whether you’re a one-man band or a large metro, this series will help you take the next step in innovative journalism.

Research of note

Here you can find selected academic research supported by RJI that offers actionable insights and advice for news and other organizations. In collaboration with partners at the Missouri School of Journalism and around the world, this work is designed to address the issues and questions that are raised as new technologies arrive on the scene, new strategic opportunities appear and stubborn challenges are dissected.

Source Diversity Tracking Tool

The RJI and Chalkbeat Source Diversity Tracking Tool is:

  • Free to use
  • Includes customizable templates (or you can change nothing and start using right away!)
  • User friendly, simple and straightforward
  • Won’t let you spam sources with multiple surveys
  • Has a non-email option for sources without email addresses

Source Tracking Playbook

This practical playbook will help you figure out if you, your team, or your organization is ready to start source tracking.