S. Mitra Kalita

S. Mitra Kalita is a veteran journalist, media executive, prolific commentator and author of two books.  She is the co-founder/ CEO of URL Media, a network of Black and Brown community news outlets that share content and revenue. URL Media, a for-profit company, has received funding from the International Women’s Media Foundation and Archewell, the … Continued

Kara Edgerson

Kara Edgerson is the Digital Director of the One Newsroom. In this role she leads digital for KOMU, KBIA, Missourian, Missouri Business Alert and Vox. She also collaborates with the Reynolds Journalism Institute on innovative projects, ideas and initiatives. Independent Journalist Bootcamp

How to operate a WeChat newsletter with the help of the community

We introduced using WeChat for newsletters in the last article, including how to create a newsletter and the importance of WeChat in the Chinese community. The next step is to figure out how to operate a newsletter consistently, especially when there are not enough Chinese speakers in the newsroom to give the newsletter leads a … Continued