Jennifer Mizgata

Jennifer Mizgata will create an online training program that helps news leaders build more sustainable and caring work cultures. The training will provide actionable advice to help develop organizational policies, practices and programs.

Mizgata, a business and design strategist and founding director of the Women’s Leadership Accelerator, seeks to help newsroom leadership promote the welfare of their employees with an online training program.

Covering policies, practices and programs aimed at fostering a healthy work culture, Mizgata said the training can help balance the priorities of newsrooms to ensure internal policies and wellness programs are not forgotten in the race for a scoop.

“As organizations start to grow, it’s really important that they invest in their people culture,” Mizgata said. “If people are getting ground up in the gears and not being taken care of, they will burn out.”

She plans to incorporate the voices and experiences of at least six different news leaders, grounding the training in practicality and firsthand knowledge.