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David Danto: Business Transformation: The Workplaces of Tomorrow

David Danto, Dimension Data and Interactive Multimedia & Collaborative Communications Alliance

Collaboration Culture

David Danto has more than three decades of experience delivering successful business outcomes in media and collaboration technology for various firms in the corporate, broadcasting and academic worlds. This includes the building and managing of the world’s largest commercial Cisco Immersive TelePresence ecosystem at the time (other than within Cisco) for JP Morgan Chase; the design, implementation and operation of global video and audio conferencing facilities, television and audio/visual facilities, and digital signage solutions for Lehman Brothers; the design of TV and radio facilities for Bloomberg, including the development of their revolutionary multi-screen TV format and the design and construction of studios for PBS’ The Charlie Rose Show; the development of the Television and Media Services department for New York University, including the design and implementation of America’s first urban, self-contained, multi-building university cable TV system using microwave links to cross public rights of way; and the design, management and/or support of AV, collaboration, multimedia and/or TV broadcast facilities for many organizations, including AT&T, Financial News Network, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, MTV, NBC, Rutgers University and many others. 

Danto’s efforts have been recognized by the premiere industry organizations in media technology. In 2007 he was elected (and still serves) as the director of emerging technologies for the nonprofit Interactive Multimedia & Collaborative Communications Alliance. Additionally, InfoComm International has appointed him as adjunct faculty for their educational efforts every year since 2007. 

Danto is an expert on the collaboration technology industry, frequently contributing to industry publications and presenting at industry events

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