White paper: Two days dedicated to Dodging the Memory Hole

This white paper summarizes the Dodging the Memory Hole 2016: Saving online news event, with overviews of the panels and presentations, and projects produced by groups at the conference as well as student scholarship recipients. On Oct. 13–14, 2016, University of Missouri Libraries, in collaboration with the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, UCLA Library and … Continued

Panel: The future of the past: Modernizing The New York Times archive

Scroll to view transcript EVAN SANDHAUS: [00:08] Thank you for bearing with me while we get the technical things ironed out. I’m Evan Sandhaus, and I am here with my team today to talk about some work we’ve been doing with migrating The New York Times archives. A little bit later, once we say our … Continued

Katherine Boss: Lightning rounds: Challenges facing preservation of born-digital news applications

Scroll to view transcript KATY BOSS: [00:08] Hi everybody. You guys probably remember me from yesterday, but I'll do quick introductions again. I'm Katy Boss. I'm at the New York University Libraries, librarian for journalism, media culture and communication. My two co-authors on this project are Eva Revear and Meredith Broussard, who you guys heard from earlier in the news apps panel; both are at … Continued

Terry Britt: Lightning rounds: News archives as cornerstones of collective memory

Scroll to view transcript TERRY BRITT: [00:07] Hello, everyone. When people ask, “What do I do in research?” I usually reply, “A little bit of journalism study, psychology, sociology and just a tiny dash of neuroscience to really make things interesting.” So, what I wanted to do for this conference is to take some of the psychology and sociology … Continued