Pack a spare sock: A reporter’s winter weather kit

Dress warmly while reporting on a polar vortex. Stay dry. Hydrate often. Your mother told you these things. But we forget, especially while spending our days going from one warm building to another. During the most recent polar vortex, I saw a young photojournalist running cool water over his hands. They were red, and stinging. … Continued

Low-tech resource helps reporters focus on the story at hand

To all of you DIY reporters out there — and really, aren’t we all? — here’s a project that takes just 60 seconds to assemble and a lifetime to perfect. Like all DIY projects, you need some tools: A reporters’ notebook. Glue or tape. A printer and paper. Directions: Open a new Microsoft Word document … Continued

Fighting fake news with emotion

Editor’s note: Tom Warhover is an associate professor at the Missouri School of Journalism and the former executive editor of the Columbia Missourian.