Newsroom Notes: The New Normal

It’s Friday morning and we are closing in on our first week of “new normal” at KOMU. I am blessed that my “new normal” is only disrupting my intended trips home.

Newsroom Notes: A unique view at a unique time

How do you run a newsroom through these unusual times? We’re providing a first-hand view from an industry veteran who agreed to lead the KOMU newsroom during a faculty search process—just as the Covid-19 crisis began unfolding.

The Road to OTT: Stop calling it OTT!

Looking for cutting edge television technology? We had to visit Capitol Broadcasting in Raleigh, North Carolina. No surprise in today’s stop on The Road to OTT that WRAL-TV got into OTT more than seven years ago and is already on its second generation.

The Road to OTT: Is that REALLY a TV story?

Innovative journalists are attracted to gadgets. With the chaos that became of the Iowa Caucuses, do you want to see a totally different view? Today’s stop on The Road to OTT takes us to a major broadcast group and their newest gadget.

The Road to OTT: Lessons from looking within

In the past five years, the Scripps television group, with roots back to 1878, has transformed itself through acquisitions including Newsy, Journal, Stitcher and Cordillera along with several other individual station acquisitions.