Michelle Kanaar & Alyssa Schukar

Michelle Kanaar and Alyssa Schukar will create a online toolkit for local newsrooms which will include sample contracts (with a breakdown of rates and language around licensing, copyright and AI), photographer, videographer and illustrator databases, ethical stock resources, a list of reputable resources on ethics, what information to include for assignments and examples of opportunities … Continued

Katherine Lewis

Katherine Lewis will build an interactive freelancing quick-start guide for independent journalists, based on a business-of-freelancing curriculum that will arm freelancers with the knowledge and skills to reach financial and emotional sustainability. In this guide they will learn the key insights, challenges and decision points in building a freelance business model.

Auralee Walmer

Aura Walmer will build a web-based toolkit for applying data sonification to journalism. It will contain step-by-step guidance for creating data sonification projects and a wide array of resources to do so, with the purpose of making data sonification feasible for all journalists to implement.

Zoltan Csernatony and Dana Amihere

Zoltan Csernatony and Dana Amihere will be building DigInThere. This tool will give newrooms an automated, customizable and verifiable way to reward their audiences for meaningful reading and interaction through short engaging quizzes on news content.

Alex Partida

Alex Partida will build the “Article-as-Homepage” toolkit for independent local news publishers. This will help local news publishers rethink the article page to better serve today’s audiences and better meet business needs. The system of design will present reporting in rich, multimedia formats, provide audiences with the utility once held in homepages, and include pathways … Continued

Kate Myers

Kate Myers will create a comprehensive guide and free tools for better strategic operations for independent news organizations. This resource will help news organizations be more strategic, efficient and effective, reducing strain on founders, journalists and operations professionals alike.

Andy Lee Roth

Andy Lee Roth will build an interactive resource on Algorithmic Literacy for Journalists. This resource will help develop journalists’ ability to understand the functions, consequences, and ethics of algorithms in a digital age. A core focus of the project will be helping independent journalists and newsrooms whose digital content has been subject to shadowbanning, demonetization, … Continued