Open Missouri

Develop a Missouri government data portal to encourage increased use of data among journalists and citizens.

Developed, a Web community that lists databases held offline by state government agencies.

At launch, listed information about 135 data sets held by state government agencies. The site also includes a comprehensive directory of top-level state agencies and Sunshine Law request contact information for each. Since then, the site has grown to some 150 data set descriptions. Soon, Open Missouri community members will be able to generate Sunshine Law request letters for databases and share copies of data files with each other.

Also, Herzog hosted more than 70 journalists, citizens, information professionals and activists at Open Missouri Day on March 17, during Sunshine week, at RJI. Speakers and panelists included representatives of the Sunlight Foundation, Missouri Sunshine Coalition, Investigative Reporters and Editors, Springfield News-Leader, The Kansas City Star and the Missouri Attorney General’s office.