Web 3.0 news innovators collaboration platform

Working with existing community news networks to inform the build, this project delivers an online platform for sharing, discussion and collaboration.

This project borrows from the simplistic nature of successful community web based social platforms. The project is intended to serve as an intersection where many networks gain access to the rich diversity of knowledge that exists across networks. Simplicity and ease of connection guide the platform design.

The platform functions in service of individuals, innovative news network community members and student user communities. The goal is to increase efficiency and up the “findability” of information, access to individuals working across the journalism spectrum and provide a simple way to connect directly.

Students from Mizzou’s J-school program, soon to launch their careers, inspire the second layer of this work. Deeply invested in the future of their chosen industry, students have a significant stake in how the reconstitution of news takes form. Student teams are contributing content; curriculum insights, recommendations and analysis how to better identify new ways of measuring “relational innovation.”