Augmented Reality: Tools for newsrooms

To demonstrate how a newsroom might use AR, I experimented with Zapworks, the web tool that Mr. Colaner speaks about in the video.

Rather than writing an article on the True/False Film Fest — with contributed and live visuals a newsroom might produce — I built an AR experience with posters, videos and photos from the past 14 years of the festival.

I created window clings with the AR codes and posted them throughout the festival. Fest-goers were invited to download and use Zappar, the Zapworks app, to scan the AR codes to see content from a specific year of the festival.

Download Zappar and scan one of the AR codes below to see what fest-goers saw. 

Next month we tackle how to build a basic fact checker for your news site. We’ll show you how to build it, and discuss why they’re becoming increasingly relevant to news organizations in the current climate.