FL#182: Making video interactive with Adways

Making web video interactive with Adways

Adways is a new tool for turning online video into an interactive experience that works across multiple platforms. Adways General Manager Fabrice Jaeger explains how news organizations might use this technology.

Reporting by Reuben Stern and Marlee Baldridge

For more information:

  • To create an interactive video, a publisher can access Adways through a web browser interface and paste in a link to any video already published online.
  • Interactive elements that can be overlayed include a photo gallery, e-commerce interface, video within a video, text, quizzes, audio, images, a Twitter feed or even a full website.
  • The finished interactive videos can be embedded on other websites. Because Adways’ embed code is based on HTML5, the viewing experience is consistent across a wide range of web browsers and devices.
  • Adways provides analytics, including the ability to track viewer interaction and time spent engaging with links throughout the path of the video.
  • You can watch a step-by-step tutorial of creating an interactive video using Adways here.
  • A few examples of English-language Adways videos can be found in this online gallery.
  • To begin a free trial, users can sign up here. To upgrade an account for additional features, contact support@adways.com.

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