FL#186: Mobile studio and teleprompter app Bigvu

Teleprompter, mobile studio app Bigvu

Bigvu is an app designed to be a mobile studio for video journalists in the field. It combines a teleprompter with a platform for recording, managing and publishing the videos.

Reporting by Gabe Dubois

For more information:

  • Bigvu is being used by several publishers in Europe, including France24, TraceTV, NextPlz, SportYou and Kangai. Spanish news organization 20 Minutos garnered 1.3 million views with the first 11 clips it produced using Bigvu.
  • A post on the Bigvu website outlines seven types of original videos users can produce to drive engagement. Among these examples are breaking news, testimonials and explanation videos.
  • Bigvu is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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