Mobile video: The Dumas

Producing mobile videos for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other social media platforms is becoming a required skill in newsrooms.

As news teams seek out the best video editing apps, they’re looking for ease of:

  • Shooting and editing.
  • Mixing interviews and voiceovers.
  • Adding text and-or captions.
  • Exporting video in a suitable format to post online.

They’re also looking for an app that produces the best video quality in the fastest amount of time.

We tried iMovie, Videolicious and Splice to see which one would allow a journalist in the field to create and post a professional-looking, social-friendly story on a deadline.

Our team used mobile microphones, rigs and tripods to produce this story. We’ll provide more insight into those additional tools, along with the pros and cons of each app, in segment three later this month. 

The video above was made with our favorite tool, iMovie; below are versions made with Videolicious and Splice. The videos demonstrate each app’s editing abilities while producing the same story. 

Check out the second segment of Innovation in Focus this month where we interview Alisha Ebrahimji on how mobile video needs to be produced specifically for social and what tools newsrooms can use to get started.


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