Ryan Restivo

Ryan Restivo was a 2022 RJI Fellow. He built the YESEO app.

YESEO is a practical tool that lowers the barrier to interactively learn best practices for search engine optimization (SEO). This tool utilizes slash commands in Slack that can be used by anyone in a newsroom’s workspace to gather actionable SEO information and insights that they can use for future work. 

“How do we lower the barrier to entry for people to get the information they want at the time they need it? We tend to think about that in terms of our audience, our readers, but journalists also have to worry about how they are writing headlines and content and whether that is optimized for a search engine,” Restivo said. “I want to make sure we’re giving our newsrooms as strong a treatment as we give our users.” Restivo has more than a decade of industry experience and is currently the Director of Product & Emerging Technology at Newsday. Prior to Newsday, Restivo spent six years at MLB Advanced Media.