Tamoa Calzadilla

Tamoa Calzadilla, of Factchequeado, will develop a practical resource that helps journalists improve their reporting on issues affecting Latino and Hispanic communities in the U.S. This resource will provide tools and best practices to increase their impact to serve, reach and engage with them, while developing skills to better identify and counter mis-disinformation in Spanish that specifically targets these communities.

Calzadilla is the editor in chief of Factchequeado, which publishes fact checks in Spanish and English. She is developing a resource with tools and best practices for reporting factually on Latino and Hispanic communities, enabling newsrooms to engage more meaningfully with these communities while reporting information that counters and prevents misinformation or disinformation.

Calzadilla said the resource will be helpful not only to the communities being covered, but to Spanish-speaking journalists themselves.

“We want to be more precise and accurate with coverage on Latino communities, and that’s not just about understanding the language,” Calzadilla said. “It’s about understanding the lives, the diversity. The Latinos in Miami are not the same as those at the border, in the Midwest or those who came from countries with dictatorships — I came from Venezuela, for example.”