Tara Pixley

Tara Pixley will create an online toolkit that offers trauma and identity-informed visual journalist safety checklists, tips, gear advice, and other necessary security training elements for all visual journalists, including freelancers and students, with an emphasis on equity and ethics. It will be a globally accessible resource addressing specific risk management tools, techniques and considerations for journalists with diverse bodies and backgrounds doing visual reporting in a variety of environments.

“The idea is to create a compendium of knowledge and experiences to keep visual journalists safe and connected around the world,” Pixley said. “Most importantly, these will be trauma-informed and identity-informed resources, which means, for example, recognizing that being a Black, queer, femme-presenting person working in visual journalism versus being a white masculine-presenting person is going to introduce different kinds of experiences and safety considerations.”

Pixley has nearly two decades of experience as a visual journalist, educator, and award-winning writer, and she is currently based in Los Angeles. She describes her work as rethinking “visual representations of gender, race, class, and sexuality in image-making.”