Digital preservation: 7 steps to get started

There are a number of practical steps publishers at news agencies can do to lay the groundwork for preserving our historical record. While this is not a complete set of instructions for digital preservation, it will prepare the way for more advanced efforts to follow. 1. Reach out One of the best first steps to … Continued

Monetization of news

In the face of decreasing revenues and increasing costs, news agencies everywhere are exploring creative methods of extracting more funding from their products. Some methods are more suitable to larger organizations and others to smaller ones; each one has drawbacks, and for many, they are a gamble.  However, some of these gambles have become viable … Continued

Digital preservation: How much is it going to cost, and who can I work with?

The expense of digital preservation for the news producer will vary depending on how much of the effort is managed in-house. By collaborating with those who already have the infrastructure, the cost to news agencies could be very little indeed. For example, news publishers in Kentucky were already regularly submitting their PDFs to a vendor … Continued

Digital preservation: Why is this important to me?

Journalists are dependent upon access to back files for research and context, but those back files may no longer be there. Almost all news content created in the U.S. today is digital, but digital content is even more fragile than print and might be scattered over a variety of media and storage systems. How long … Continued