Mat Kelly: Final Report—Dodging the Memory Hole

Mat Kelly of LaBelle, Florida, is a doctoral candidate studying computer science at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. His project addresses the need to provide individuals with ways to collect, archive and access news content they perceive as important. Kelly’s work is intended to supplement the large-scale collection work being done by institutions such … Continued

Jiwon Choi: Eliminating the border of digital news archiving

Jiwon Choi of Osan, South Korea, is studying convergence journalism at the University of Missouri in Columbia. Her powerpoint project addresses obstacles and solutions to online news archives for international media. Her project includes a literature review of the topic as well as a panel of international students from MU who explored and discussed the … Continued

Itza Carbajal: Web archivability: A pathway towards dialogue

Itza Carbajal of New Orleans, Louisiana, is an information studies scholar at the University of Texas in Austin. Her research paper examines web archivability, the measurement of how easily a website’s components — including structure, presentation, content and functionality — can be saved for future access and use. It proposes the “incorporation of the concept of … Continued

Shawn Jones: Indicators that tweeting may improve the detection of news articles for web archives

Shawn Jones of Virginia Beach, Virginia, is a computer science student at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. His project, titled “Indicators That Tweeting May Improve The Detection Of News Articles For Web Archives,” explores the potential relationship between social media sharing of news articles and how quickly those articles are identified by web crawlers … Continued