John Berlin: Twitter Feed Monitoring and Automatic Archival Through WAIL

John Berlin of Suffolk, Virginia, is a computer science student at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, where he works for the Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group. His project is a report titled “Dodging the Memory Hole Project Report: Twitter Feed Monitoring and Automatic Archival Through WAIL.” The project seeks to extend the … Continued

Hanna Soltys: DTMH 2016 Scholarship Project

Hanna Soltys of St. Louis studies library and information science at Simmons College in Boston. Her project focuses on a look at the landscape of digital news, why digital news archiving solutions aren’t one-size fits all due to dynamic content and social media and examines solutions from other industries and entities working to save digital … Continued

Terry Britt: Saving the future past: Digital news content archiving

Terry Britt of Sweetwater, Tennessee, is a doctoral candidate studying journalism at the University of Missouri in Columbia. His paper deals with deterioration of collective memory over time. Alongside a review of relevant literature on the challenges of media content preservation, both pre-digital and born-digital, and efforts toward that end, responses from a recent qualitative … Continued