White paper: Two days dedicated to Dodging the Memory Hole

This white paper summarizes the Dodging the Memory Hole 2016: Saving online news event, with overviews of the panels and presentations, and projects produced by groups at the conference as well as student scholarship recipients. On Oct. 13–14, 2016, University of Missouri Libraries, in collaboration with the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, UCLA Library and … Continued

Clifford Lynch: Born-digital news preservation in perspective

Scroll to view transcript CLIFFORD LYNCH: [00:09] I’ll ask a little indulgence because I’m going to start in a place that may sound strange. It’s not with the news at all. It’s with the world of scholarly academic journals and the challenge that we face there. Same challenge: how do you preserve this body of … Continued

Videos from Dodging the Memory Hole: Saving Born-digital News Content

In today’s digital newsrooms, a software/hardware crash can wipe out decades of text, photos, videos and applications in a fraction of a second. Digital archives can easily become obsolete due to evolving formats and digital systems used by modern media, not to mention media failure, bit-rot and link-rot. One recent survey found that most American … Continued