Your first web-scraping project will be easier than you think

Last week, a colleague emailed me with a data request. She was working on a story about the shifting sands of Republican congressional rhetoric on climate change and was wondering if GOP voting records had seen any corresponding shifts in recent years. She pointed out that one good measure of environmental voting comes from the … Continued

The promise of environmental data journalism

Over the course of this RJI fellowship, I’m working with the nonprofit environmental magazine Grist to think through what it’d mean to build out a national environmental data-journalism unit—and, in turn, to take what we learn at Grist and translate these lessons into guides for other small or nonprofit newsrooms that might find themselves interested in similar work. 

Data-driven storytelling: Bridges of Missouri

According to the Federal Highway Administration, Missouri has the fourth-highest number of structurally deficient bridges in the United States. This week for Innovation in Focus, Megan Smith investigates this number to learn why. Watch our second segment next week to hear from an expert on data-driven storytelling and why it’s vital to utilize at your news … Continued