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Brian Gorman, iPublish Media Solutions

iPublish Media Solutions is an example of a technology company that makes running a news operation less expensive.

They offer a “do-it-yourself” advertising platform that lets individuals or companies build a print, digital or social ad from easy-to-use, customizable templates.

For newspaper companies, that means their advertisers can design their own car ads, real estate ads and obituaries with the help of just one piece of software, rather than a sales rep and a graphic designer.

The process is quick for the user — they can build and buy an ad in three minutes — and cheaper for the media outlet. That combination is very effective, says Brian Gorman, vice president of sales at the company. “Newspapers are trying to lower their costs and increase their revenue, and we help them do both of those things.”

iPublish works with big newspaper chains — Gannett, McClatchy, Hearst and Gatehouse — and newspapers represent 95 percent of the company’s revenue. But the company is still trying to grow.

That makes its partnership with Alisa Cromer and her network of media executives quite valuable.

Through Cromer’s research about what information media executives need to have to make confident technology purchases and her experience with technology case studies, she has been able to provide iPublish with an effective marketing presence on a targeted platform.

“We basically use Alisa as our vice president of marketing,” Gorman says. Since their partnership, they’ve doubled their website traffic.

“The type of people who come to her websites are exactly the people we want to be in front of,” he says. “That’s been the biggest benefit. She extends us out way beyond where we would be on our own.”

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