#RJInnovation (2012): How to attract and retain YAYA employees

Former Reynolds Fellow Stephanie Padgett, building on the work of another former Reynolds Fellow, Margaret Duffy, is working with top strategic communications students to identify strategies for businesses to effectively interact with Youth and Young Adults (YAYAs). YAYA Connection has worked with various clients to help them develop marketing strategies to engage the YAYA generation, … Continued

Stephanie Padgett: Mid-year report

In search of opportunities for small to mid-sized newspapers to increase revenue from online content, I have arrived at three critical factors that I believe will lead to success: Identify natural segments within a newspaper site that will have strong appeal to local and/or regional advertisers and create a plan to develop strategies for serving … Continued

Behavioral targeting

Advertising leaders visited RJI on Oct. 14 to talk to professors and students about the importance of ethical advertising. Wally Snyder moderated the discussion with Tim Armstrong, Chairman and CEO of AOL part of the panel. The panel discussed proposed ethical principles to enhance ethics in the advertising industry. Reynolds Fellow Stephanie Padgett discusses the … Continued

Building new ad revenues could start on the obit page

An interview with Stephanie Padgett as she begins her fellowship year. About five years ago, Stephanie Padgett was doing market research to help smaller, Midwestern newspapers and radio stations. It was quite clear that her research on how to reach more consumers would be useless if the media companies didn’t change their old habits. For … Continued