FL#188: Assembling social posts with Roundabout

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Roundabout is a tool for creating customized, continually updated feeds of social media content from multiple accounts and platforms. The resulting collection of posts can be embedded within a webpage, enabling online viewers to see the grouped social media content all in one place. We find out how it works from Chief Executive Officer Rogier Visser.

Reporting by Lindsey Miller, Reuben Stern and Rachel Wise

Additional information:

Roundabout is one of many platforms that assemble social posts together. In most cases the social walls are designed for events and other big-screen installations as well as embedding into websites. A few options:

  • Flockler offers an embeddable social wall but also enables users set up an entire website that is just a collection of social streams.
  • Juicer is designed specifically to embed a single stream from multiple social feeds into websites and offers the option of embed code as well as a Wordpress plug-in.
  • Miappi includes human and AI-powered moderation tools.
  • Socialwall.me incorporates an algorithm that can “push the most engaging posts forward.”
  • Tagboard pulls together content around specific hashtags from multiple social platforms.
  • Walls.io offers a variety of fixed-with and responsive widgets for embedding collected social posts into a website, including iframe or JavaScript options.

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