Celia Wu

Celia Wu is the managing director of Global Press News Services, a social enterprise offering DEI and holistic safety tools to newsrooms across the world.

Wu, as an RJI Fellow, will build an open-source Google Chrome extension and how-to guide that makes style guides and information more accessible for journalists and newsrooms so they can more easily incorporate specific best practices into their reporting, and which helps journalists write with greater precision about people all over the world.

In addition to the extension and further developing the style guide, the project will also include a how-to manual for organizations to create their own extensions, enhancing the accessibility and adoption of resources — like style guides — that establish best practices in the industry.

“So often, the people we write about would not even recognize themselves in the story,” Wu said. “…This project is based on really being precise and accurate about how we talk about people, and we want that kind of accuracy to be ubiquitous, which is why we’re building the chrome extension: to make style guides more accessible.”