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Introducing the Global Press Style Guide Chrome Extension

And our toolkit to help newsrooms build their own browser extensions of their style guides

Global Press is now providing direct and immediate access to their style guide by providing a free, downloadable Chrome extension and a toolkit that provides guidance on how to build your own. 

With our Chrome extension, writers and editors can reference the Global Press Style Guide without needing to open another window or tab on their device. Our goal for this tool is that it will streamline and make the writing process for reporters and editors more efficient. 

How to build a style guide browser extension for your newsroom

The toolkit we created outlines the steps Global Press product developer Andy Neale took to create the Chrome extension. While it is specific to Global Press’ extension and technology, we hope you will find it helpful if you choose to build your own browser extension. We provide the steps that will guide you on how to build your own the way we built ours, as well as the important items you need to consider in building your own extension. The toolkit will remain a living document and will be updated based on feedback from users. 

If you have questions about the Global Press Style Guide and its Chrome extension, we welcome them at

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