Kat Duncan

As Director of Innovation I run our innovative initiatives, programs and workshops. This includes the RJI Student Innovation Competition, the RJI Professional Fellowship program, the Student Innovation Fellowship program and the Women in Journalism Workshop. I manage the innovation team and partnership projects with local newsrooms, organizations and individuals. I also teach at the Missouri School of Journalism.

Our partnership projects are with organizations and newsrooms who want to work together to build tools, create resources, or test new strategies/ideas in their newsroom. We help newsrooms innovate and the learning we gain from it is shared with the industry. Interested in chatting about a project? Email me! Duncank@rjionline.org

My career before coming to RJI was in visual departments at newspapers all over the country. I have been a photojournalist, video producer, photo editor and manager. I love my work at RJI because I feel that I get to help create positive change in newsrooms and the industry while supporting journalists all over the country.