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Mike Wheeler and David Danto: OpenTheRoom.org—Driving Citizen Engagement at the local level

Mike and Dave demonstrated emerging technologies that automate the broadcasting of public meetings and sports events.

Camera operators can be redeployed to drive engagement of the content with their community through social media.

Michael Wheeler is a managing partner of Westerly Partners, LLC, an investor advisory that provides strategic, financial and technology solutions to early stage companies focused on new media technology.

Wheeler has more than 40 years of senior management experience at NBC, CNBC, MTV, Showtime, The Financial News, Meredith Corporation, and CBS.

He is a member of the advisory committee of TV79, the government channel in Darien, Connecticut, and is also a board member for Library Ideas, a company that sells digital products to libraries. In addition, he serves on the board of advisers of Waywire, a video curation company, and ASC Services, a transcription provider.

He has been an adviser to the Reynolds Journalism Institute since its founding, and he is curator of MobileVideoDIY, a mobile-video resource of RJI.

Wheeler graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism with a bachelor’s degree in 1971 and a master’s degree in 2011.

He resides in Connecticut with his wife. He has three adult children. In his spare time, Wheeler enjoys teaching an ESL class and coaching a Special Olympics golf team.

His bucket list includes visiting every presidential library.

David Danto has over three decades of experience delivering successful business outcomes in media and collaboration technology for various firms in the corporate, broadcasting and academic worlds. This includes:

The building and managing of the world’s largest commercial Cisco Immersive TelePresence ecosystem at the time (other than within Cisco) for JP Morgan Chase.

The design, implementation and operation of global video and audio conferencing facilities, television and audio/visual facilities and digital signage solutions for Lehman Brothers.

The design of TV and radio facilities for Bloomberg, including the development of their revolutionary multi-screen TV format and the design and construction of studios for PBS’ The Charlie Rose Show.

The development of the Television and Media Services department for NYU, including the design and implementation of America’s first urban, self-contained, multi-building university cable TV system using microwave links to cross public rights of way.

The design, management and/or support of AV, collaboration, multimedia and/or TV broadcast facilities for many organizations, including AT&T, Financial News Network, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, MTV, NBC, Rutgers University, and many others.


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