Thanks to COVID-19, local news will never be the same. And it shouldn’t be

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our routines, transformed our social interactions and redefined our relationships. Yet, as odd as it sounds, we’ll likely come to appreciate some of the changes this crisis wrought. Panic has a knack for dislodging lethargy. In local news, this lethargy — in the form of a steadily declining but still … Continued

Journalism’s coverage combover isn’t fooling anyone

Visit many American cities, and you’ll find a local newspaper with a staff half the size of 15 years ago. Welcome to the Age of the Journalism Combover, where the necessary resources no longer exist to cover the desired terrain.

Social media is a trap

While we’ve been chasing that adulation and virality, social has been chipping away at the core of what journalism has spent decades building.