Emerging payment platforms and strategies

David Gehring, Relay Media, moderator Cosmin Ene, LaterPay Raju Narisetti, Gizmodo Bill Densmore, RJI Dan Peskorse, Invisibly, Inc. Pay models are evolving as more and more testing indicates users are interested in paying for valuable, relevant content that fits within their framework of consent. New payments models range from per-use micropayments, to more scaled subscription … Continued

Is it time for the news industry to get smarter about advisortising?

This is the third of a series of blog reports about the status of the news landscape and a challenge to create a new one. The first two were “The future begins with P: Privacy, personalization and payment” and  “Imagining the 21st-century personal news experience — and how publishers need to collaborate to create it.”  … Continued

The future begins with P: Privacy, personalization and payment

What will sustain journalism in service of democracy? Because of the rise of the Internet and the financial challenges faced by legacy media organizations, that question tugs at those who write and produce the news. Conferences, reports and columns run through the same checklist: Advertising going digital and mobile and increasingly controlled by technology platforms … Continued

Another voice explains why newspapers must move beyond the news

We’ve written about the need for newspapers to stop thinking about they physical product  and start acting like “information valets” for their users in an age where attention is at a premium — helping users to manage their “personas.”   We’ve co-authored a piece about efforts at the New London, Conn. Day newspaper. Now another voice is now … Continued